1. My latest solo is less glamour, more anal gaping.

    Watch the NSFW video here


  2. This is so cool. And I NEED someone to make this outfit for me! 


    My Australian Superteam takes form…I based the design for WhiteStar (the superbabe of the team) on Australian erotic star and perfectly curvy yummyness Angela White. Its fun to do a bunch of sketch cards of the team to get the gist of my new characters, how they layout and look


  3. Wow! Some men CAN multitask! That’s Manuel Ferrara eating my pussy while texting #BehindTheScenes


  4. fleshlight:

    Check out even more behind the scenes photos from Angela White’s Fleshlight creation! Only on the Fleshlife Blog!



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  7. I love to worship boobs

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